Our Approach

Sales, Marketing & Technology Development without data is like driving with your eyes closed, you can do it but it won’t get you very far!

At Captjur we enable and guide your company through strategic digital transformation that implements and recognizes the importance of customer experience, identifying profitable opportunities, and creating new customer value in ways that lead to growth. We do this by evaluating your digital sales, marketing & technology plans and making recommendations for optimization based on customer data and cutting edge programs & marketing analytics.

Strategy is at the heart of all good digital sales & marketing programs, second to this is good technology and delivery of these campaigns to the “right target” at the “right time” and then the ability to track and measure campaigns for efficiency and future strategy adjustments.  We help you Power Your Sales, Technology & Marketing in Innovative Ways!

What We Do

SERPs, Offsite Optimization, Onsite Optimization, Backlinks, Meta-Tags, White Hat Tactics


Conversion Rates, Tracking Codes, Bid MGT, CPC, PPC, CTR

Inbound Marketing

Leads, Sales, Customers, Improvement, Buy Cycle, Traffic

Affiliate Marketing

Per Per Lead, Advertiser, Affiliate Networks, Pay Per Sale, Cost Per Action, Publisher

Video & Media

Comments, Slides, Ads, Images, Videos, Articles, Banners

Mobile Development Ads

Smart Phones, SMS, Apps, MMS, Mobile Web Banners, Mobile Rich Medai, Websites, Location


Ad Clicks, Impressions, Hover Ads, Ad Servers, Content Ads, and Skyscrapers


HTML, URL, CMS, E-Commerce, CSS, JS, PHP, Content, Updates, Development

Social Media

PR, Viral Marketing, Mash-Ups, Multimedia, Communities Online, Conversion Rate, Social Media Assets

Partner & Developer Programs

Strategy, Design, Build-Out, Launch, On-Boarding of Partners, Selection of Partners, Detailing Program Elements, Technical Platforms, Online Web Portal Build Out, Tracking, Reporting, Analysis

Merchandising Programs

Product, Retail, Visual, Digital, Omnichannel, Display, Ecommerce Cart Enhancements, In-the-field Teams, Pricing, In-store, Demonstrations, Install

Gorilla Marketing (Event)

Face to Face Street Teams, Onsite Demo’s, Try and Buys, Publicity Stunts, Group Mash Ups, Flooding Campaigns, Tent Events, Parking Lot Events, Online Webinars, Video, Lunch & Learns, Etc.

Marketplace Programs

Strategy, Setup, Launch & Implementation of Marketplace Stores, Management, Tracking, Driving of Sales. Promotion and Updating of Stores, Logistics, API’s, Delivery, Modeling – D2C, B2B, P2P, B2SI, B2B


Customer Insights And Segmentation, Channel & Sales Strategies, Go-to-Market, Product And Category Management, Pricing, Sales And Channel Effectiveness, Marketing And Brand Strategy, Customer Experience, Affiliate & Loyalty Program Strategy, Technology & Digital Transformation


Strategy, Design, Selection, Build Out, Platform Selections, Technical Build Outs, Management, Revisions, Updates, Content Updates, On-Going-Future Proofing, Meta Data

CRM & Analytics

Manage Accounts, Leads, Meetings, Reports, Calendar, Projects And Workflow, Data, Connecting Data To Sales, System Integration, Tracking, Reporting, Management, Updating Technology

Affiliate Programs

Strategy & Program Selection, Technical Build out of the program, Build and maintain customer relationships, maintain existing affiliates and acquire new affiliates,<br /> Manage business negotiations with customers, deal tracking, monitoring, closing, affiliate marketing activity including email campaigns, newsletters, blog, etc to increase revenue targets, training and education for affiliate partners,<br /> Communicate with new and existing affiliates regarding upcoming promotions and optimization opportunities

Some of Our Work

Knowing, Tracking, & Engaging

Intelligent CRM and Analytics Powers All Good Digital Programs
We Offer Extensive Programs That Offer Full Intelligence for Knowing, Tracking & Engaging Customers

• Recording & tracking customer data
• Formalized customer relationship management system
• Captjur Digital Preferred Partner is ZOHO
• Flexible program
• Provides up-to-the-minute data that helps give intelligence to each campaign
• Provides tracking for each campaign so we can track performance and ROI
• Crucial to “NOT” annoy the customer
• Permission based marketing backed by solid technology and advanced use technologies like AI

Case Studies


Products &  Solutions

Digital Marketing

Video Production

Sales Development

Mobile Development


Mobile Aging


Designed & Launched

Marketing Programs

Partner Programs

Sales Programs

Social Media Campaigns

Virtual Goods Online


Designed & Launched

Product Marketing Programs

Platform Marketing Programs

Sales Partnership Development


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